No Legwork

Rent your home without
listing, showings, and months
of stress


No Guesswork

Assured rent post grace
period, so that you can
focus on other important things.


No "Paper" Work

Completely Cashless and
Digital Instant Process.

Introducing first emjoy owner video ad

Watch the video on the left side to know more about the problems owners are facing and how these problems are tackled by Emjoy.

How Emjoy is different


  • Guaranteed closure in a few days
  • Completely digital & online Process
  • Curated Verified tenants

Traditional Rental

  • Dependent on market conditions
  • Time Consuming Offline process

How we make you a competitive offer


Unique input from you

Tell us about your home's most unique features and we'll use those details to give you a more precise offer.


Neighborhood comparisons

We assess comparable homes that have recently sold near you, and will share them for your review.


Deep experience

We've purchased thousands of homes, giving us a deep understanding of market conditions and trends.

Rent your flat in flat 48 hrs

From requesting a quote to signing an online agreement and transfer of booking amount complete the process in flat 48 hrs.

You Request an offer

We provide an initial quote within 24 hours based on our propriertay black box algorithm and the unique data that you provide.

We’ll arrange a free home assessment for you. If repairs are needed, you can do them yourself or deduct the costs and we’ll do the work.

You review your offer and associated fees. When you’re ready to sign your contract so are we.

Your rent starts after the grace period.