Booking Policy

1. Any booking amount paid is NON refundable.

2. The booking made is valid only for the original tenant/s and in no case a replacement/separate list of tenant/s would be accepted in lieu of Original booking. If any one/more tenants back out it would be treated as NO SHOW and complete booking amount will be forfeited unless the tenants left sign the contract and pay the complete rent and agree with original terms.

3. The complete payment needs to be credited in the Emjoy account 72 hour from date of shifting or within 7 days of initial booking, whichever is earlier failing which the booking will be canceled as NO SHOW.

4. Emjoy provide 7 days of complimentary maintenance capped at Rs 2500 because we understand that there could be small odd issues in the properties which were not diagnosed earlier. If there are specific maintenance activities that needs to be performed which exceeds this limit of Rs 2500, the same needs to be discussed by the tenant at the time of booking and explicit consent needs to be taken from the Emjoy Support/Accounts team over email, Verbal commitments from sales team won’t be entertained.

5. Emjoy,for the convenience of its tenants, has integrated with many rental vendors who provide rental furniture/appliances on rent. If the same is a part of the original booking Emjoy cannot be held liable for delay/issues in the rental items. The tenant however can take it up directly with the vendor. Also the maximum liability of Emjoy will be limited to proportionate rent of the missing/defective items. The same is applicable for fully furnished flats also.

6. After completion of the booking formalities like complete payment as per clause 2, handover of cheques/NACH, signing of agreement, and KYC(police verification etc) 72 hours prior to the move-in date, the tenant is expected to take possession of the flat on the agreed date.Emjoy will not be responsible for any delay in taking possession and NO refund/hotel stay etc will be arranged.

7. Normal cleaning is included in the booking which would ideally be done before shifting. However in extreme cases or due to vendor delay the same can happen after move-in date also. If there is deep cleaning required, the same needs to be done by the tenant.

Emjoy Tenant Policy

Emjoy Team is committed to create a rental experience par excellence for its tenants. While we believe in the doctrine of “Your place your rules”, we have to consider a lot of factors like Social construct we operate in, Business obligations(If we cann’t pay our employees/vendors on time, how will theybe incentivized to serve you) and convenience of flatmates(for our coliving tenants).

Keeping these into consideration, these are the tenancy policies we have standardized for Emjoy homes:

Monthly Rent Policy

Your monthly Emjoy rent is accepted via NACH/Cheque.

Please pay your rent at the start of every month

For your first month of stay, rent plus 2 month of Security has to be paid before check-in.In case the payment is not credited to the account 1 day prior to date of move-in, onboarding will be denied.

For every subsequent month, rent has to be paid by the 5th of each month.Advance rent would be collected by Cheques/NACH Mandate only for the complete lease period.

If rent payment is delayed, penalty applies as below

Between the 5th and the 15th, a penalty of Rs.200/day will be levied.

If your rent remains unpaid even until the 15th, immediate eviction will apply. Complete forfeiture of deposit amount and legal action may follow, if required

To ensure a premium and hassle free living experience,Emjoy works with selected vendors/stakeholders. Timely payment is a pre requisite that encourages these partners to Maintain the same service level. So kindly make the payment within the stipulated time And save us the pain of constant follow ups or take the extreme step to force eviction.

Installments, loans, credit etc. are not accepted.

Stay Guidelines

1. Stay Vigilant

Emjoy is not responsible for any theft or mishap occurring to a Resident on account of any other Co-Residents or act of any third party. Also, any unexpected damages occurred by externalities like electricity outage, theft, etc would be outside the purview of Emjoy’s responsibilities.

2. Stay Professional

Residents are expected to maintain cordial behavior with other Co-Residents of the facility. Any kind of verbal or physical abuse vitiating the living environment will not be tolerated.

Emjoy shall not be responsible for the interpersonal behavior of any Resident(s) and arbitration of any disputes between any of the Residents. Any act of abuse or vandalism of any kind will lead to immediate termination from the facility with forfeiture of Security Deposit and possibility of legal action by Emjoy based on the gravity of the situation.

Misbehavior or misconduct (physical or verbal) with Emjoy staff will lead to immediate termination of stay at Emjoy with forfeiture of Security Deposit. Depending upon the gravity of the matter, Emjoy reserves the right to take legal action against the offending Resident.

3. Stay Responsible

Cost of any repairs/replacements for any damages in the room or the common area caused by a Resident will be recovered immediately or adjusted in his/her Security Deposit. Any damages in common area or within room (where there are multiple roommates in a room) will be evenly distributed amongst all active residents, unless the actual culprit is brought forward by thecommunity unanimously.

Residents are expected NOT to tamper or fiddle around with the Prepaid Electricity Meters, WiFi Routers, CCTV Cameras, Locks, etc provided in the facility.Emjoy has a zero tolerance policy towards fiddling with the infrastructure as this has serious ramifications on its service delivery.

CCTV cameras installed in the facility are not meant for Resident’s viewing in any case and cannot be demanded as matter of right. Any Resident found tampering/fiddling with the same would be asked to vacate the facility immediately with his/her Security Deposit forfeited.

4. Stay Flexible

Emjoy reserves the right to showcase the rooms/flats to other prospective clients at all times after due notice via SMS. Interrupting any sales visit or causing any direct or indirect disruption in the same will lead to penal financial implications for the offending Resident.

Also any act of tenant that threatens Emjoy’s commercial interests or jeopardises Emjoy’s agreement with Owner/RWA ( including but not limited to creating nuisance in society, misbehaving with Fellow residents, support staff, escalations to police,colluding with owner directly to bypass Emjoy which will be established if tenants gets into a direct agreement with owner within 90 days of termination of contract between owner and Emjoy)will lead to immediate expulsion and forfeiture of security deposit without any prejudice to the tenant/owner.

Once the notice period has started Emjoy reserves the right to show the flat/room to potential tenants in outgoing tenant’s absence.The tenant will be communicated through automated text about visits and the tenant is adviced to keep the valuables locked. Emjoy will not be responsible for any losses arising thereof.

Hosting Visitors Policy

Guests of the opposite gender (except family) are not allowed to visit .This is to ensure a hassle free and safe experience for all the flatmates.

Guests are not allowed on the Emjoy premises after 8 pm.

Please book your guest’s stay by emailing us with their details at least 7 days prior to their arrival

Guests are allowed to stay overnight only after Emjoy approves your request

You would need to make payments for your guests’ overnight stay depending on the duration of stay:

Up to 7 days : Rs. 1000 per day cost to be paid

More than 7 days: Entire month rent to be paid

Please note that this per day cost may vary depending on the specific property.

You are responsible and liable for your guests’ conduct and payments

Complaints by other Co-Residents on account of nuisance by guests could lead to strict penal action against the offending Resident and immediate eviction of Guest.

Late night parties(Post 11 PM) are strictly prohibited and any complaint in this regard by flatmates/neighbors would lead to a fine of Rs 5000 on the first instance and termination of agreement with forfeiture of deposit for subsequent offence.

Emjoy Community Responsibility

Please be respectful to the staff. They work hard to make your stay comfortable

Any kind of disrespect towards the staff will not be tolerated and will result in eviction

Please be respectful to other Emjoy residents and neighbours of the property.

Please keep your rooms clean and tidy. Maintain a good environment for yourself and those sharing the space with you

Distribution and consumption of drugs are strictly prohibited. Violations will result in immediate termination of agreement, and notification will be sent to local law authorities

Feedback Policy

We’d be glad to hear if you love us or have suggestions on how we can improve

Please write to us at with your suggestions/feedbacks.

Complaints received via any other mode of communication may not result in resolution

We take all complaints and concerns seriously, and solve all problems. However, please allow a reasonable amount of time for us to fix things. Your cooperation and patience are highly appreciated.

However, please understand that we don’t treat these social media channels as formal complaint portals, and hence posting complaints on these pages will not lead to any resolution

How do I end my Emjoy stay?

Check-Out Process

Please initiate your exit notice 30 days before exit date by creating a ticket.

Notice will be accepted only at the beginning of the month.

In case your notice is shorter than 30 days, a short-notice charge needs to be paid

Please complete all payments to start your notice

Unless your outstanding balance (short notice charge, rent, any damages) is cleared, your notice stands unaccepted

In case you have made an excess payment, it will be refunded along with the security deposit

Please note that the last month’s rent cannot be adjusted against the security deposit

Your security deposit is fully refundable subject to:

Clearance of dues

No damages caused

Completion of 30 day notice period

Timely payments

Your bank account details would need to be confirmed by you for us to process your refunds

You may submit your notice maximum 40 days before your exit date.

How will my security deposit be refunded?

Exit Refund Policy

All refunds are made online, no cash refunds are possible

Your security deposit is fully refundable subject to:

Clearance of dues

No damages caused

Completion of 30 day notice period

Timely payments

In case you have made an excess payment, it will be refunded along with the security deposit

Booking amount, if already paid, is non-refundable. In case your booking amount is unpaid at the time of you leaving the Emjoy property, it would be deducted from the security deposit

Refunds would be processed within 30 days post exit and handover of property with no pending bills or maintenance overdues.

Please ensure your bank account details (beneficiary’s name, account number, IFSC) are shared correctly with us. Incorrect details may result in undue delay

Please note only actual payment made by you for security deposit (excluding discounts and Emjoy credits ) will be refunded

What is the Theft and Damage Policy at Emjoy?

Theft and Damage Policy

We take utmost care of you and your belongings but are not responsible for them

We advise you to keep your valuables under lock and key, and not share your cupboard key with others

Neither the property manager nor Emjoy is liable for any loss of personal belongings

For theft/loss/damage of any Emjoy property, the residents of the room/flat would be responsible and liable to pay for the same

In addition to the actual damage expenses, each member would incur a penalty of Rs.500 for the inconvenience caused

We advise you to live at Emjoy like you would at home – please be responsible.