What is Emjoy ?

Renting a flat is a very hassling and time consuming process right now. Emjoy is building a brand
new renting experience, grounds up on Technology, Trust and Automation to make it completely
hassle free.Emjoy uses IOT and Proprietary, Patent Pending Technology to automate all the
standard rental tasks from unassisted visits to flats using Smart locks, to submitting bids
for rent, to e-signing rental agreements and online rental payments.

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See flats at your leisure.

Gone are the days of endless wait for property keys. Emjoy provides instant access using Smart Locks so that you can See the flat at your suitable time, minus the usual hassles. Queries? Let our smart voice Assistant guide you.


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Available: Right now

Book Directly or Negotiate

Is my offer competitive?
Use Emjoy's industry first Rental bidding Engine to submit custom offers based on other competing offers and demand metrics.
In a hurry?
Book with confidence directly from website. Every Emjoy Home with 30 point certification and transparent, standardized terms. So no ugly surprises or hidden charges that may haunt you later.


Digital.Cashless and Instant Onboarding

Liked something? Probably you are not the only one. Complete the booking procedure including payments, Aadhar based ekyc and aadhar based Esign.

Crowdfund your stay

Don’t want to Park your hard earned money as Security Deposit? Let the Emjoy community of tenant/owners help you out. no need for hefty security deposits for our “Innercircle” members.

I am interested

Request Maintenance Service

Submit Maintenance requests with Alexa or App/web Based interface with a 24 Hour TAT. Provide remote Access to vendors so that issues can be resolved, without your presence and time.

From Searching To Shifting In Flat 30 Minutes

Introducing Dash Rentals, An instant, paperless, cashless and human-interventionless rental transaction solution.

Thanks to our proprietary,patent pending technoloy,you can shift into an Emjoy home in flat 30 minutes, from the time you requested a visit.


Search from a curated list of certified flats with Genuine pics. Get personalized recommedations based on your requirement.


Take an Uber/Ola.Reach directly. The Smart lock will know you are coming. Our Voice Assistant is waiting to answer your queries, if any.


Like it? Book on website. Get you ekyc done and agreement signed Instantly using Aadhar. Sign an eNach form for monthly payment.


The access codes to the flat is on your cellphone. Enjoy your stay.

What you get with Emjoy

Current rental solutions

  • Transparent, Standardized terms
  • Instant,On demand+ Virtual Visits
  • Zero Brokerage
  • Hassle free, 30 minutes Dash Rentals

Traditional Room Rent Out

  • Information opacity
  • Time consuming, Delayed, Site Visits
  • High Brokerage
  • Time Consuming and Cumbersome Process

An ode to the achievers.

Plus is a curated range of premium smart flat in top apartments of Gurgaon.